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    Our Virtual Address allows you to work from home or anywhere and use our address for your mails. We offer you the benefits and services of a full time and save you the cost of renting an office space. You are notified instantly about your mails and packages which are handled or forwarded to you according to your instructions.

    • We provide Virtual address, address for your business
    • The address for receiving mail - transfer to your address

    Our virtual address is ideal:

    - If you need an office identity but not a physical office

    - To register a company address

    - For foreign firms which need a representing office at minimal cost

    - If you have a start-up business and want to test the waters before tying down capital

    - For specialized or short term project


    This service is intended for all business users for the preparation and processing of regular mail, business packages, direct mail and fast. The advantage of using this service is that fully takes care of shipments that are forwarded to the sending, by downloading material to be sent to the address of users, press with digital files (variable print), forming packages or shipments, personalization, enter the necessary elements for sending shipments to envelope and keeping the required documentation depending on the type of shipment.


    There is a wide range of business activities that our team of business administrators can perform in the advantage of your newly established business.


    We work just like your own office, you can hire an experienced and talented virtual assistant who work dedicatedly for you, under your instructions as your virtual support assistant.


    The service provides information for specific products or services. The Consulting Service answers questions such as the overall marketability of a product or service, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. Companies have the flexibility to design their own question.

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